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European Finals Meeting


Santa Pod Raceway

7th – 10th September 2017

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Brad and Wayne left York at 6.30 am to meet the team and crew at Santa Pod at 10 am to get set up for the weekend, this was an important meeting for Brad, Brad won the European Finals last year and Brad needed a good meeting to gain as many points as possible, Brad is currently second in the UK national super pro championship and only 20 points behind multiple championship winner Scott Hauser.
We set up Wednesday and looked forward to a good day’s qualifying on Thursday, the weather forecast was good for Thursday but the rest of the event looked very unsettled so we hoped for a good qualifying position to get as many points as possible, with 35 cars aiming to qualify for a 32 car field.
Thursday was indeed a good day weather wise and in Brad’s first qualifying session Wayne chose a dial of 7.72 and Brad ran a 7.752 just over 300 hundredths of a second over dial in at 171 mph, this was a great start to the day and put Brad in P5.


In Q2 Wayne dialled 7.72 but at half track the car lost grip ( at 129.01 mph ) and Brad had a big moment and had to lift and correct the car so no improvement in this round and Brad dropped to 10th place.
In Q3 Wayne chose a dial of 7.73 and Brad ran 7.753 170.35 mph  to improve to just over 200 hundredths over dial and this put Brad back in 10th place,

A note worth mentioning is that Scott Hauser dialled 7.63 and ran 1 thousandths of a second over at 7.631 and a reaction time of 0.001 giving an almost unbeatable 2 thousandths of a second package putting Scott in at number 1, a position he would keep throughout qualifying, it is worth noting that this is only the 3rd perfect run in the UK in the last 40 years !

In Q4 Wayne chose 7.75 and brad ran 7.763, just over 1 hundredth over dial in and this put Brad back up to 6th place

In the last round of qualifying (Q5) Wayne again dialled 7.75 and Brad improved by 2 thousandths of a second to 7.761 but others improved and Brad dropped to 10th again with a time of just over 1 hundredths of a second over dial in, in fact it amazing to see Brad in at No 10 just over 1 hundredths, 25th place was 8 hundredths and 34th place was a 10th of a second, John Gerritson from the Netherland’s had hit the wall so 34 cars made a time but only 32 cars qualified.
So a great qualifying for Brad and the Nick Good motorsport prepared cars, all 3 cars were in the top 10, Chris Parker at No 6, Nick Good No 9 and Brad No 10.
Friday we woke to rain, we were supposed to have another 2 qualifying runs but the weather put paid to that, when the track was dry the Pro classes ran a limited number of runs and we were straight into eliminations on Saturday morning.

Saturday morning looked promising, however we were put out on the track as the first class, with no data for the day this could prove to be an interesting session, however this fear was unfounded and the track remained the same as Thursday and Brad faced Jack Brewster in his new Blown Pontiac Firebird, Brad had always been quicker than Jack but with the new Blown engine it was Jack that would be chasing Brad down.

Brad had a much better reaction time than Jack and this meant Jack never caught Brad and Brad took the win, a great start to the day and a great boost in Brad’s championship progression, we were due to run round 2 of eliminations later that day but again the rain played havoc with the schedule and we never got to run.
The next day in round 2 of eliminations Brad faced John Przybyl who was 4th in the championship; this would be one of the hardest races of the day to predict the outcome with both ex Junior Dragster drivers totally on form at this event!
Brad pulled a 0.08 light but Johns 0.06 light gave him the advantage however both drivers played the top end game and Brad came out the victor by 0.003 ( 3 thousandths ) of a second at 168 mph which equates to 10.9 inches between the cars. This was a great result for Brad and he was now in the quarter finals.

Unfortunately the weather decided that we were finished for the weekend, the Santa Pod crew worked tirelessly to keep the track dry but every time the track was ready to race the rain came and spoilt all their hard work.
This was a real shame for Brad and Scott Hauser because the pair had done all the hard work and with their competitors being eliminated in the earlier rounds they both had a great opportunity to increase their lead in the championship





The standings are:-


   There is only one meeting to go, the National Finals at Santa Pod 23rd/24th September, it is going to be a very exciting weekend! 


Thanks to Nick Good, Cristiann Carlo, our tireless crew and to all our loyal sponsors. Lucas Oil both in the UK and the USA, Pentagon Corporate Fleet, D & S signs, Martin Williams Hull, HRX ,Racewearonline,  our associates Pete Walters race design last but not least Six B Apparel in the USA.

We would like to thank all our sponsors and crew because without everyone’s support we couldn’t achieve this level of competition and success, thank you to everyone for being involved in this team


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