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Due to work commitments Brad was extremely busy at work so once home from work we headed for Santa Pod and arrived at the track at 1130pm, our fantastic crew and team mates had already prepared the pit area and also built Brad’s car for us, great teamwork thank you !

We rose at 6.15 to prepare the car for scrutineering at 7am and Brad went and signed on, the car passed tech and we went back to our pit to prepare the car for qualifying, we hadn’t had time to test the car prior to the event so we planned a “half pass ” to ensure that everything checked out ok.

Q1 the car launched well but a cold track with poor grip resulted in Brad being 7 tenths of a second off our dial in, other drivers had the same issues and we still ended up in 7th position from 18 cars.

Everything was fine on the car, we just had a little bit of oil going into the catch can, this is normal following and engine rebuild until the piston rings bed in.

Q2 saw 21 cars make the field and by the time Brad made his run we had slipped to 13th place, a good solid second run at 1 tenth of a second of dial in saw Brad back in 7th place from the 21 cars that qualified, that was is for today so 2 more runs and the first round of eliminations tomorrow.

Q3 didn’t see any improvement so our Q2 time still stood and we now dropped to 11th place, this was not an ideal place meaning if nothing changed we would be facing the No1 qualifier in the first round.

Q4 brought another car into the field, Brad’s Nick good Motorsport team mate Chris Parker went to No1 with a time 3 thousandths of a second off his dial in, we had tried a little bit too hard, we dialled a time of 7.83 and ran 7.824 breaking out by 6 thousands of a second leaving Brad in 12th place and facing our team mate Chris Parker in round 1.

This is always a difficult situation for the team, we always prepare the cars identically and we also share a huge amount of data between the 2 cars, it was going to be an interesting 1st round, Chris has the No 1 on his car as the reigning Super Pro champion, Brad would need to be at the very top of his game.
As you would expect from these 2 high calibre contenders it was a very close race with Brad taking the win by 2 hundredths of a second.
Because Brad had beaten the No1 qualifier Brad had a bye run in round 2 so we were pleased to have an easy but well earned bye run.

Round 3 of eliminations Brad was drawn against an extremely competitive Gordon Northway who had been running bang on his times all weekend, once again Brad needed a flawless performance if he was to take the win, Brad cut an 0.0414 light to Gordon’s 0.0793 so it was going to be close, Brad ran a 7.862 0n a 7.85 dial in to Gordon’s 8.521 on a 8.51 dial in, giving Brad the victory by 3 hundredths of a second.
In the semi final Brad again ran very close to his dial in and beat Alan Didwell to see Brad in the final of the first meeting of the year, facing a strong contender from the Netherlands , John Gerritsen in a brand new 55 Chevy running in the 6 second bracket.

In the final Brad cut a great 0.071 light to John’s .165 so Brad had the lead, but with a car almost 2 seconds quicker than Brad’s it would be all on the dial in’s !

Used with the kind permission of the original photographer Ian Blackett @ www.ianblackett.co.uk

Both car’s broke out but Brad’s was the larger breakout at  just over 2 hundredths of a second to John’s 2 thousandths  of a second, giving the victory to the Dutchman, his journey back to Holland would be a far happier long drive !
Well done to John and a fantastic job of driving a car that was out of shape, he pulled his parachutes to keep the car straight and kept his foot on the gas to pip Brad at the stripe, great piece of driving and a well deserved victory.

We had a great first meeting and bagged a valuable haul of championship points finishing the weekend as the runner up, we do it all again in 2 weeks time at Shakespeare County Raceway where Brad is the current APIRA Super Pro Champion and is looking forward to defend his title, it is also Brad’s 21st Birthday that weekend so let’s hope it will be a very Happy Birthday !

Aaron Fensome
New Lucas Oil Driver

It was great to see the new Lucas Oil backed driver Aaron Fensome take the runner up spot in the Lucas Oil Junior Dragster Championship, Aaron felt great in the car in his new bespoke HRX suit from  www.racewearonline.com

I would like to say a big thank you to all our sponsors, Lucas Oil both in the UK and the USA, Pentagon Corporate Fleet, D & S signs, Martin Williams Hull, HRX ,Racewearonline,  our associates Pete Walters race design last but not least Six B Apparel in the USA.

We would like to thank all our sponsors and crew because without everyone’s support we couldn’t achieve this level of competition and success, thank you to everyone for being involved in this team

Some of the Images used with the kind permission of the original photographer tog@Eurodragster.com unless stated, Thank you.

2017 Season Opener !!

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This weekend is the season opening for 2017 !

This weekend is the season opening meeting, the Festival of Power at Santa Pod Raceway.

In January 2016 Brad’s car was on the Lucas Oil stand at the Autosport International Racing Car Show at the NEC in Birmingham, when the show was finished the team stripped the car and the engine and gearbox were sent away for a refresh, the chassis was checked and the old wrap was removed and a new wrap for 2016 was applied.

All this work meant that we were cutting it fine to make the FOP 2016, so lesson learnt , as soon as we finished the season in 2016 the car was stripped and refreshed and the 2017 wrap applied, all this work was completed before the 2017 Autosport show !

This year it has seemed very strange not to have any work to do since January apart from a general check over by Nick and Cristiann last weekend.

We are looking forward to seeing the car on the track so we can get some action photo’s of the car, we think this years design is the best yet ! We also think the 2017 team wear is pretty cool too !


We will be posting the action live from the track on both our facebook and twitter feeds that will be on the home page at bradjacksonracing.com


Look out for a full race report next week !


Brad And Wayne

Lucas Oil pull out of Top Fuel racing in the USA

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It is a sad day for Lucas Oil USA fans as Lucas announce pulling out of Top Fuel racing in the USA, Morgan Lucas is to commit to the business  and this doesn’t leave time to fully commit to the Top Fuel team, with a staggering $3,500,000 USD needed per car to compete a full season the decision has been made to quit. Here is a link to a cool video featuring Morgan on One day in Pomona  

British Drag Racing Hall of Fame Dinner

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We had a great evening at this fantastic event. It was a pleasure to see so many legend’s of our sport and it was particularly satisfying to see the Junior Dragster and Junior Drag Bike racers of 2015 recognised as the future of our sport.

The first 3 in each class were invited to attend along with their parents and were treated to some special gifts on the evening.

The Junior Dragster Drivers were Charlotte Bradford, Paige Wheeler and Billy Everitt and the Junior Dragbike Riders were Liam Holgate, Louis Davies and Stacey Reed.

Brad had a great evening and can be seen here with Andy Carter, Les Downey and Stu Bradbury.

( Click to Enlarge)

The 2 class winners, Charlotte and Liam also recieved a limited edition die-cast model of the legendary Raymond Beadle’s Blue Max funny car, these are the last 2 models that the team had so a very special gift indeed !

Brad’s Roller Coaster Ride !!

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UK Drag Racing National Finals Santa Pod 19th - 20th September 2015

We arrived at Santa Pod with high hopes for the weekend, the weather forecast was really good for the last meeting of the season with sunshine and no rain forecast for the whole event.

The championship was very close with Simon Gough on 3010 points, Brad on 2990, Scott Hauser 2720, Ian Powell 2690 and Rick Cook on 2330, all of these drivers in reach of winning this close battle for the title, and with 1010 points available it was going to be exciting !

First qualifying run we dialled 7.72 and ran a breakout 7.708 and started the day in 17th place. Brad’s second run was an identical 7.708 and this moved Brad up to 11th.

The weather changed for the third and final run so I dialled a 7.68 and the car ran another 7.70 but with a 4 this time, the first three contenders were very close in qualifying with them all qualifying within 70 points of each other, this still made it a whoever went the most rounds would win the title, and I guess the car was telling me what to dial in eliminations 1 on Sunday.

Sunday morning we found that our E1 competitor, Steve Kellett had an engine issue so they pulled out of the race to prevent any damage. This is not the way we wanted to progress but it made our first round more comfortable.

We were called to the start line, Brad started the car and there wasn’t any oil pressure !

We shut the car off and made the decision to tow the car to the start and then just start the car on tick over and break the beams for the run, this is what we did and towed the car back to the pits, but with only 1.5 hours before eliminations 2 the pressure was on to find and fix the issue. Nick Good and Cristiann Carlo stripped the engine to find that the plunger had stuck in the oil pump. This was a real shock to the team because Nick and Cristiann always prepared our car to the highest standards. The guys put the car back together and we just started the car and had oil pressure when we were called for eliminations 2, an absolutely fantastic job by the team!

We were very nervous what to dial because we hadn’t any data for Sunday but the weather was very similar to Saturday so Brad wanted a 7.70 but with low air density I wanted 7.68, Brad won the discussion and we dialled 7.70 but we ran a 7.78 and lost the race to Dan Giles by 0.009, this was the closest race of the day and 9 thousands of a second equated to 27.59 inches at 175 mph !

So we were out, we knew that if we had gone only one more round Brad could have either won or finished runner up, we waited for the class to finish and both Ian Powell and Scott Hauser were also eliminated, this made for a nervous wait to see what Rick Cook and Simon Gough would do.

 Eliminations 3 saw Dan Giles knock out Simon Gough so we had to wait and see what Rick Cook would do! This was a repeat of last year when Rick just passed Brad in this meeting in 2014 to demote Brad to third, Rick carried and went all the way to the final, the maths were simple, if Rick won were demoted to third (again !), Dan Giles had a different idea and beat Rick to secure his first Super Pro victory so a big congratulations to Dan on his first win !

This meant Brad was second in the National UK championship, this was a great result for the team, 2014 was Brad’s first year in Super Pro and he finished 3rd, 2015 brought the runner up spot ! this is a great achievement in the toughest sportsman class in Europe.

The whole team a have made this possible but the effort that Nick and Cristiann put into the engine work made this dream a reality!

I would like to thank Nick Good and Cristiann Carlo for their mechanical knowledge, Natalie Cooper our back up girl, and Dave Catton for the occasional verbal input he enthuses and the loan of the tow car! Of course I must mention what a great job by Brad with many 0.0- reaction times and great skill as a young driver,I must also give myself a pat on the back for my (mostly ) dial in times, a job I have found fairly stressful in our ever changing climate !

I would like to say a big thank you to all our sponsors, Lucas Oil both in the UK and the USA, Pentagon Corporate Fleet, D & S signs, Martin Williams Hull, Torq/HRX Race wear, our associates Pete Walters race design last but not least Six B Apparel in the USA.

  • Martin Williams


  • Nick Good Motorsport

  • Pentagon Corporate Fleet

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2015 has been a Fantastic Year

Winning the APIRA Championship

Finishing 2nd in the UK National championship

what a roller coaster ride !!

Bring on 2016 !

UK National Drag Racing Championship Outcomes !

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Brad Jackson

This weekend see the final round of the UK Championship, and what a weekend it is going to be for the Brad Jackson Racing team !

The Super Pro ET Championship is currently led by Simon Gough but with a margin of only 20 points over Brad Jackson, 270 points further back is the 2014 Super Pro Champion Scott Hauser, and Ian Powell only a further 30 points behind him.

With a 27 car field there are 1010 points available, If Simon and Brad qualify well and go deep into eliminations, whoever goes further can take the title. If Simon or Brad go out in the first two rounds of eliminations then this will open the door for Scott or Ian.


The team have had a great year and hope to consolidate on Brad’s third position in the championship last year in his debut year in the senior ranks.

The team would like to thank everyone involved in this campaign and a special thank you to all our sponsors.

You can watch the action on the webcam and this can be found on ;-   http://www.eurodragster.com/live/webcam/default.asp


You can be sure that the team will endeavour to win the championship !

Kindest Regards

Wayne Jackson

FIA Main Event Santa Pod May 2015

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Brad Jackson Racing headed for the 4 day FIA Main Event at Santa Pod this weekend and with a large number of European racers entered and a rain free weather forecast

Brad Jackson racing headed for the 4 day FIA Main Event at Santa Pod this weekend and with a large number of European racers entered and a rain free weather forecast this was promising to be a great event. Brad was the leading the UK National Super Pro Championship so Crew Chief Wayne Jackson was feeling the pressure!

The 35 competitors had to be on their game to make the 32 car fields and with 10 qualifying rounds it was going to be tight. One round was bumped so after 9 rounds Brad ended up in 19th place on a 0.0226, in fact 25th place was a 2 hundredths time, 0.0291 with ex Junior Champion Joe Kellett , a measure of the competitive nature of this class of racing, 10th place was an incredible 0.0077 from Tom Atkinson.

 Eliminations Round 1 saw Brad facing Mick Howling in the Paul Marston Racing School’s Monza, Mick red light gifting the win to Brad however Brads 0.07 reaction with a 7.68 dial and running 7.684 would have been very hard to overcome.

Eliminations Round  2 saw Brad racing the Top Methanol Dragster of Martyn Jones, this car often runs in the 5 second bracket so this was another stern test for Brad, Brad won the round with another great reaction of 0.0494 and running 7.72 against a dial in of 7.68, this gave Brad the win over the red lighting Martyn Jones.

Eliminations Round 3 Brad was against Barry Giles, a very good 15 time event winner, Brad had beaten Barry at the last meeting so knew that Barry would be chasing revenge, Barry took the win with a great dial in of 7.45 and ran 7.454 with a reaction time of 0.08, Brad’s reaction 0f 0.09 and a dial in of 7.71, breaking out on 7.68 wasn’t good enough and a very well deserved win for Barry Giles.

It was also a great event win for Ian Powell who beat Wouter Van Leersum from the Netherlands in the final.

Brad’s season is still going very well with semi final place at the Festival of Power, an event win at the Springspeed Nationals and a last 8 place at the FIA Main Event leaves Brad still leading the championship, these points are subject to ratification :-

  1. Brad Jackson 1770
  2. Ian Powell 1720
  3. Simon Gough 1530
  4. Scott Hauser 1400
  5. Brian Pateman 1360

Brad Wins the Hillingdon Speed and Spares Apira Springspeed National Finals

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Brad Wins the Hillingdon Speed and Spares Apira Springspeed National Finals

Shakespeare County Raceway Stratford  Upon Avon 2nd – 4th May 2015

We all headed to Shakespeare County Raceway for the Springspeed National Finals this weekend, the second round of the UK Super Pro Championship, we found a cloudy day on Saturday with a cold wind so the track temperature was very low, with wheel spin an issue Brads best time of the day was a 7.84 on a 7.70 dial in, however everyone else had the same issue and this placed Brad in 7th

Sunday morning was a wet start but the sun and the Jet Drier had the track ready for lunchtime and Brad’s first run was a 7.79 on a 7.73 dial dropping Brad to 9th, Brad’s final qualifier was a stunning 7.772 on a 7.77 dial in and this was good enough for No 2 qualifier, No 1 Rick Cook was 8.30003 on a 8.30 Dial in.

 In the semi finals Brad’s opponent was Barry Giles , Barry has been a past Super Pro National Champion and a 15 time event winner so Brad had to be on his game, and he was, an 0.04 reaction and a 7.78 on a 7.76 dial in was good enough for the win.
In the final Brad’s opponent was Joe Kellett, a 3 time Junior Dragster UK National Champion, this is Joe’s first year of Super Pro, he made a very good effort in reaching his first final, Brad ran a 7.77 on a 7.76 dial with an 0.07 reaction time, unfortunately Joes car broke and this gifted Brad his first Super Pro event win.
Brad reached the semi finals at the Festival of Power at Santa Pod and now this event win see’s him leading the UK National Super Pro Championship.

 Sunday morning was a wet start but the sun and the Jet Drier had the track ready for lunchtime and Brad’s first run was a 7.79 on a 7.73 dial dropping Brad to 9th, Brad’s final qualifier was a stunning 7.772 on a 7.77 dial in and this was good enough for No 2 qualifier, No 1 Rick Cook was 8.30003 on a 8.30 Dial in.

 Brad progressed through eliminations and in the quarter finals faced Joe Stevens, a Super Pro event winner, Brad’s 7.78 on a 7.76 dial in beat Joe’s breakout 8.55 on an 8.60 dial in.

Subject to ratification Brad is leading the Super Pro ET points after two of seven rounds, with 31 competitors contesting the championship so far.

  • Nick Good Motorsport

  • Martin Williams


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