• Brad Jackson
    UK National Super Pro Champion 2018

    Brad collecting his trophy at the Santa Pod Racers Club awards evening.

    Brad won both the Super Pro UK National Championship and the Santa Pod Racers Club Super Pro Championship.

  • Brad Jackson
    UK National Super Pro Champion 2019

    Brad  is the UK National Super Pro Champion for the second consecutive year!

    Brad won both the Super Pro UK National Championship and the Santa Pod Racers Club Super Pro Championship.

Brad : UK National Super Pro Champion for two consecutive years!

The whole team are ecstatic, in the 6 years Brad has raced in Super Pro he has finished, 5th, 3rd , 2nd twice and won the championship twice, a fantastic record in the fastest and most competitive bracket class in Europe!

European Finals Win 2018

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European Finals Meeting 6th – 9th September 2018 Santa Pod Raceway

On Tuesday evening we headed for Santa Pod so we could have an early start on Wednesday morning to set up our pits because we had a 3 car Nick Good Motorsport team at the event.
Wednesday we set up the pits and built the car up and took it for scrutineering, which it passed as usual, Nick and Cristiann always prepare Brad’s car to the highest standard.


First qualifying run Brad pulled a 0.07 reaction time and we were 7 hundredths of a second off our dial and this left us in 8th place which was a good solid start to the day.
Q2 Brad pulled a 0.04 reaction time but Brad struggled for grip and ran a slightly better time but others had improved and this left Brad in 14th place.
Q3 Brad pulled a 0.08 reaction time but once again struggled for grip, got too much wheel spin and we dropped to 18th place, which was the end of the first day’s qualifying.
Thursday morning we went out for Q4, Brad pulled a 0.06 reaction but once again no grip, we decided to change the set up on the car and looked forward to Q5 because we had now dropped to 21st.
Q5 Brad pulled a 0.07 reaction and this time the car worked fine and Brad’s improvement with 2 hundredths of a second over dial improved him to 17th, in fact the first 11 places now were inside 9 thousandths of a second !
Q6 Brad pulled a 0.05 reaction and a 1 hundredths of a second over dial got Brad up to 14th place from 29 drivers, a great recovery from the grip issues we had been having, Brad had been very consistent over the 2 days with his reaction times and we now had a car we felt confident with again and looked forward to eliminations.

Saturday brought round 1 of eliminations and we were racing Mathijs Kraetzer from the Netherlands in a very competitive altered, Mathijs had obviously seen how good Brad’s reaction times had been and got a little too eager trying to get a good reaction time and pulled a 0.04 red light foul and gifted the win to Brad

Sunday’s round 2 of eliminations Brad was paired against Billy Gane, Billy had been really on it all weekend and was only a couple of thousandths of his dial all weekend, Brad pulled an amazing 0.005 (5 thousandths ) of a second against Billy’s creditable 7 hundredths of a second dial this gave Brad the hole shot win.

Round 3 Brad was paired against John Pryzbyl, another ex Junior Dragster driver and championship rival to Brad, John’s 0.112 reaction was no match to Brad’s 0.018 reaction and once again Brad’s great reaction time gave him the advantage and Brad took the win and was now in the semi final.

In the semi final Brad faced the seasoned campaigner Tom Atkinson who was having a good weekend, Tom pulled a 0.118 reaction time and Brad who was on fire this weekend with his super consistent reaction times pulled a 0.028 and took the hole shot win.

In the final Brad faced Mark Bailey, Mark has just moved into the class stepping up from Pro ET and was having a great weekend, Mark got a little bit too hungry and red lit, so fouled giving the victory to Brad. Brad has now won the European Finals twice in the last 3 years, he is also having a great end to the season, at the last meeting he was runner up ( Summer National) and winning this meeting shows that he is at the very top of his form, with only 1 more round to go Brad is now leading the championship.

Brad’s girlfriend, Liz, was with Brad all weekend and helped I think this helped him not to get too nervous about everything going on around him, as usual Brad was super cool with everything, the most laidback guy in our family !
The points at the top are extremely close and the National Finals meeting in October will be a real nail biter with any one of the top six in with a real chance of winning the championship!

These results are not official and need to be ratified but I make the top ten to be;-

We are eagerly awaiting the National Finals!
Many Thanks to all our sponsors and supporters
We cannot do this without you!

European Finals at Santa Pod 2018

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European Finals at Santa Pod

Queuing up for scrutineering for the European Finals at Santa Pod, 6th to 9th September

On Thursday and Friday , We have 2 full days of qualifying

Eliminations start on Saturday .



Summer Nationals 2018

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Summer Nationals 2018

Santa Pod Raceway 30th June- 1st July

We arrived at Santa Pod with a high expectations of a brilliant weekend, the weather was absolutely fantastic and no rain whatsoever in the forecast.

This was just a weekend meeting so we had only 3 scheduled qualifying runs on Saturday and the straight into eliminations on Sunday.

Wayne looked at the data and his weather station and though the car should run 7.76 but the new track looked in great shape and with the heat from the glorious sunshine we dialled a 7.72, we have been having trouble getting the car dialled into the new track and the car was pulling left in both lanes, Brad left with a good start reaction time of 0.06 but the car ran arrow straight and a very quick 7.66 at 174mph ! so we broke out.

This left Brad in 20th place, not where we wanted to be, after much deliberation the crew decided the car should have a dial in of 7.62, all the calculations were correct and Brad ran 7.622, 2 thousandths of a second over dial in and put him in the number one spot with 1 session to go, taking this place away from team mate Nick Good, which Nick dropped to 2nd.

This looked promising especially when Brad’s arch rival Scott Hauser in an uncharacteristic 21st place, the advantage of being number 1 qualifier was a bye run in the first round of eliminations, Scott was the last car to go in the final qualifying session and dialled 7.56 and ran 7.5602, two 10 thousandths of a second over dialling and took the number 1 spot from Brad !

Sunday brought another glorious day and we had to use the umbrella for the sun which makes a great change from using it for the rain!

Round 1 of eliminations we faced the extremely talented Brian Pateman, Super Comp champion 3 times and 13 event wins to his credit, unfortunately Brian went a little too early and red lit by 1 hundredth of a second gifting the win to Brad, Brad had a 0.04 light and 4 hundredths off the dial proved that Brad was really on top of his game.

Round 2 we faced Rene Jaspert from Germany, a car and driver having their first visit to Santa Pod, Brad pulled a 0.04 light but Rene went slightly better with a 0.03 light but by the time they reached the quarter mile Brad had overcome Rene with a time of 7.63 on a 7.62 dial, unfortunately Rene had a technical issue at the stripe and the car turned hard right into the wall at around 150mph suffering heavy damage to the car but all the safety equipment worked and Rene didn’t have any problems apart from a heavily damaged car, Brad had already overtaken Rene and wasn’t aware of the drama behind him.

In round 3 Brad faced his old rival from Junior Dragster days, Joe Kellet, Brad pulled an 0.02 reaction time to Joe’s ) 0.07 and took the win, this was a really good round to win because Brad now had a bye run in the semi finals.

In the semi final Brad still had to do a full pass to try and get lane choice, Brad had a reaction time of 0.01 and ran 7.63 on a 7.61 dial and this gave him lane choice in the final, the other semi was between Scott Hauser and John Pryzbal, also both ex Junior Dragster drivers too, Scott won the semi, John red lit and gifted the win to Scott.

In the final Brad pulled a 0.001 reaction time and this gave him the advantage over Scott’s  0.07 reaction, Brad had the race in the bag when unfortunately he misjudged the race at the stripe , the car ran a personal best of 7.604 and  personal fastest MPH of 176 mph, Brad broke out and this gave the win to Scott, Scott was the perfect gentleman as always and pulled Brad onto the number 1 step on the podium to share the celebration.

We had a fantastic weekend, runner up spot gave Brad lots of points and this puts us back near the top of the leader board and gives Brad a great shot at the title, we eagerly await the European Finals at the beginning of September, we will now have a rest over the summer break.

The points have yet to be ratified but I make it;-

We would like to thank Nick and Cristiann for preparing Brad a great car, Dave Catton for his help as part of the crew for the weekend and a big thank you to all our sponsors for supporting Brad, we wouldn’t be racing without all of your help !!!!!!!

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