Brad Jackson Racing

Santa Pod Raceway

Main Event 2018

25th May -  28th May 2018

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 Santa Pod FIA / FIM Main Event 2018


We headed for Santa Pod on Thursday to set up the pit area for the weekend, at the Festival of Power there had been two heavy crashes on the new track and the officials deemed that due to safety reasons the faster classes could not run on the new track, so we were looking forward to our first meeting on the new 1 million pound track.


The weather forecast looked great for the weekend with a slight chance of rain through Thursday night, we woke up Friday morning to a wet track and the tireless track crew at Santa Pod set about drying the track.



 There were 38 drivers trying to get into the 32 car field so 6 people would be going home if they didn’t qualify!


With the new track none of the drivers and their teams knew what to expect, the new track is super smooth concrete and the old asphalt track which we had lots of data from was now gone!

Wayne studied the weather and new track conditions and decided the car should run 7.79, not a bad start to the day, we ran 7.781, 900’ths of a second breakout (foul) that put us in 36th place outside the field.

Wayne was pleased with such a close guesstimate and dialled 7.75, Brad ran 7.78, 300 hundredth’s over dial in and that put us firmly in the field in 11th place, Brad pulled an amazing 0.0008 reaction time and won £75 for the first driver of the day to hit a perfect light.

Next round we left the dial at 7.75 and ran 7.79, Brad had a little “wobble” the car now deciding it didn’t like the new track; the weaving scrubbed some speed off, so that was it for the first day and we had slipped to 15th place.


Wayne studied the data that evening and the next morning the homework paid off, we dialled 7.71 and ran 7.714, four thousandths over dial in put us in a credible 5th place, the day was then filled with all the pro racing and we didn’t get to run again until 2056 with 4 minutes to spare before the 9pm curfew, we dialled 7.70 and ran 7.71, but 1 hundredths over the dial wasn’t as good enough as the earlier 4 thousandths so we finished the day in 6th place in the 32 car field, a shame for the 6 people going home, 2 were from France, 1 from Andorra, and 1 from the Netherlands, along way to travel and not make the field.


We waited all day for our first round of eliminations and didn’t get to run until 8pm due to various breakages and accidents in the pro classes.


We drew Billy Gane in the first round and Billy is an extremely accomplished racer, we dialled 7.71 and ran 7.73,2 hundredths over dial in, Brad pulled a 0.04 reaction time, on 90% of races this would be a winning time, Billy dialled 8.28 and ran 8.33, 5 hundredths over dial in but Billy pulled a 0.007 reaction time and this was good enough to give him the win by 0.127, (1 hundredth of a second), that was our meeting finished.


We are now in an unfamiliar position where we will be chasing the pack, the last four years Brad and his arch rival, Scott Hauser, have been leading the field all season but ironically Scott also went out in the first round, this will make for an interesting season as they both try to make it to the front of the field!


We head for the next round the last weekend of June, so we are already eagerly awaiting the challenge ahead; we couldn’t do it without the help of our great crew, Nick Good Motorsport, and our sponsors.


Nick Good actually won the vent and other Lucas Oil drivers had a great weekend, Stig Neergaard winning Top Fuel, Nick winning Super Pro and Kaitlan Deevey winning the Lucas Oil Junior Dragster class.

The new track is going to be awesome when we get a handle on setting the car up fully, it will be a learning curve so roll on the Summer Nationals.


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