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 The 2019 points for the Champion of Champions page are now showing on we would like to thank all the hard work Tog and his team at Eurodragster do for our sport!


Simon Groves report on the home page states;-

In Super Pro ET, Brad Jackson won his second, and back to back, Championship in this tough class and congratulations to him, his win being aided by an event win at the Summer Nationals. Scott Hauser leads the Championship count with three ahead of other Championship winners Martyn Jones, Steve Green and Ian Tubb who have had two Super Pro Championships each since 1999. Barry Giles leads wins with fifteen in total and as Giles & Hartley continues to lead aggregate points, ahead of Steve Johnson. Brad, who has notched up five race wins, has moved from fifteenth to ninth in the points tally.

    Scott Hauser            3     2013-14, 2017             
    Brad Jackson           2     2018-19             
    Martyn Jones           2     2002 and 2006             
    Ian Tubb                  2     2004 and 2005             
    Steve Green            2     2000 and 2001             
    Chris Parker            1     2016             
    Simon Gough          1     2015             
    Jack Brewster         1     2012             
    John Atkinson         1     2011             
    Giles & Hartley        1     2010             
    John Everitt             1     2009             
    Rick Cooke             1     2008             
    Spencer Tramm      1     2007             
    Ian Bishop               1     2003             
    Wayne Saunders    1     1999


Event Wins                         
    Barry Giles         15                     
    Steve Johnson     9                     
    Steve Green         8                     
    Scott Hauser        6                     
    Brad Jackson       5                     
    Bob Doyle            4                     
    Nick Good           3                     
    John Everitt         3                     
    Martyn Jones      3                     
    Pat Talbot           3

Top 20 Aggregate Points Scorers (last year's rankings in brackets)

1 (1) Giles & Hartley Racing

2 (2)  Steve Johnson

3 (3) Team Time is Money

4 (4) Another Small Fortune

5 (5) Scott Hauser

6 (6) Rick Cooke

7 (7) Ashley Bell

8 (8) Peter Walters

9 (15) Brad Jackson

10 (9) John Everitt

11 (10) S & K Racing

12 (13) Team Mark Flavell Racing

13 (11)Jack Brewster

14 (12) Ian Powell

15 (14) Pat Talbot

16 (16) Team Nick Good Motorsport

17 (17) Team Stardust

18 (18) Ian Tubb

19 (20) Billy Gane

20 (19) Steve Green


Note:  Wins ranked by driver, points scores ranked by team

Brad was the biggest mover in the overall points standings and has amassed points and wins quickly in his short career, Brad & Wayne would like to thank all our sponsors past and present for their support :-


Lucas Oil UK

Lucas Oil USA

Pentagon Motor Group

Martin Williams Hull

The Taxi Shop

The Plytek Group

D&S Signs

Six B Apparel USA

Hauser Racing


Peter Scriven- Flame Computers and our web design & Master


PWRD – Pete Walters Race Design


Brad & Wayne would also like to thank all our crew and helpers who have helped the team to achieve their fantastic success.


Nick Good

Cristiann Carlo

Dave Catton

Ian Baker

Neil Baker

Carly Jackson


2020 will be a challenging year, at present we only have a third of our budget secured but Wayne is working with potential sponsors, Brad is currently on a sabbatical in the southern hemisphere and should the team raise the necessary budget Brad will return to attempt a never before feat of 3 consecutive titles in the most competitive challenging class in Europe!

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