Brad Jackson Racing

European Finals Meeting

Santa Pod Raceway

5th-8th September 2019

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 We looked forward to this meeting with 2 rounds to go in the UK Super Pro Championship Brad had a healthy lead of 510 points, if Brad have a good meeting he could take the national championship with 1 round remaining.

Thursday was a beautiful sunny day,

Q1 Wayne predicted the car would run 7.65 so this was the chosen dial in, Brad started the day with a 0.077 reaction and ran 7.659, 9 thousandths of a second was already only good enough for 5th place, it was going to be a tight event!

Thursday Q2 Wayne thought the car would run quicker and lowered the dial in to 7.64, Brad pulled another  0.070 light but ran a foul  7.6501, 2 ten thousandths of a second over the 64 dial in, if Wayne had left the dial at 65 it would have been number 1 however others improved and Brad dropped to 6th.

Brad had another 2 qualifiers and couldn’t improve his elapsed time but had 2 more great reaction time lights, 0.056 & 0.053, and although the session was all about qualifying Brad had also won all 4 of the races,  Brad was on form !


Friday Qualifying

The weather had changed and it was now cloudy with some rain forecast during the day, Q1 saw Brad pull a great 0.018 reaction time but the run was 9 hundredths of a second over dial in so no improvement.

Q2 Brad had a great 0.067 reaction time and a ET of 7 hundredths over dial in, so no improvement, this was the last round of Qualifying so his best run of 0.009 thousandths over dial in was only good enough for 14th place but he was safely in the 32 car field, incredibly 31st place was 9 hundredths of a second and the final 32nd place was 1 tenth of a second over dial in.

Saturday Eliminations

In round 1 Brad faced Steve Saunders,  a very good 20 year drag racing career driver but Brad’s 0.1095 ( 1 tenth of a second ) over dial was good enough for the win .

Round 2 Brad faced his team mate Dave Catton, Dave taught Brad how to drive the Super Pro dragster, this would be a tight race, Brad pulled another solid 0.050 reaction but Dave left the line too early with a 0.038 red light foul, Brad progressed to the final day !

Sunday Eliminations

Sunday was a beautiful sunny day !

All of Brad’s main contenders for the National Title had fallen by the wayside except for Tom Atkinson, in fact in this quarter final if Brad won his round and Tom lost his race then Brad would have successfully defended his title and be Champion for the second year in succession ,  however Brad faced Brian Pateman, a  5 time Champion and with 19 event wins to his credit this would be a real test for Brad,

Brad pulled a perfect reaction time of 0.0005 ( 5 ten thousandths of a second ) reaction time, Brian had a respectable 0.050 reaction but Brad’s time gave Brad the “hole shot “ win,  Tom won his race against Ian Brown so keeping the championship alive.



 In the semi final Tom faced Brad’s other team mate, Nick Good, so if Nick could beat Tom and Brad won his race once again Brad would be champion. Brad face a beautiful pro charged Corvette from France driven by Sylvain Nowak, an unknown to Brad but a very serious threat to Brad, Silvain knew he would need a good light to beat the inform Brad but pulled a red light gifting Brad the win, Brad had pulled another super 0.032 reaction time, both Nick and Tom broke out (fouled) but Tom had the smaller breakout of 4 thousandths to Nicks 1 hundredth of a second so it was Brad and Tom in the final.

Beside the event win if Brad wins the final he wins the championship, if Tom wins the final the championship goes down to the wire in 2 weeks time at the National Finals meeting at Santa Pod in 2 weeks time!

Snapped !!

In the final both cars had good strong burnouts but as the cars edged into stage Brad’s throttle cable snapped leaving Tom to take the solo and the event win, Tom is a great guy and came to commiserate Brad on his bad luck and said he didn’t want to win the race this way !


Brad had a great event winning all 10 races in qualifying and eliminations (except the final) and still finished runner up in the event and takes a healthy 410 point lead into the final round so it will be an exciting conclusion to the season!

The points standings, yet to be ratified, are;-


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