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Monday, 25th August 2014

Brad Runner up in

The Apira Championship

Quiet Contemplation!



Hi reader

Brad had a successful weekend at Stratford upon Avon's Shakespeare County Raceway with 2 personal best runs; the better of the 2 PB's was 7.70 at 174.6 mph in the quarter mile from a standing start.

We are waiting for the results to be ratified but Brad has finished runner up in the Apira/Shakespeare County Raceway Championship which puts him in a confident mood for the FIA European finals at Santa Pod in Northamptonshire starting next Thursday 28th August.

Brad will have to qualify for a 32 car field because there are 43 entries from all the top Super Pro Drivers in Europe with a particularly large contingent from the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Brad is currently 2nd in the UK National Drag Racing Championship and with only 2 rounds left in the series Brad is excited about the challenge ahead and is particularly looking forward the European Finals because he has large amount of family, friends and sponsors visiting this prestigious event.

Once again a great achievement for Brad to be runner up in the Apira Championship in what is proving to be a fantastic first year in the senior ranks.

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Wayne Jackson

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