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Santa Pod Racers Club Dinner

6th February 2016 

Hi reader

We attended the Santa Pod Racers Club dinner on Saturday at the Staverton Park hotel in Daventry, the team had a table of 12, Brad & Liz, Wayne & Alison, Nick & Chrissie, Cristiann & Natalie, Dave & Sue and our special guests Les Downey & Maureen from Lucas Oil UK.


It was great to have the team together again and we all had a fantastic evening and as always Les kept everyone laughing with his constant supply of jokes,

Les was particularly funny when the Dam-busters theme tune was played and he payed "homage"  to the aircrews involved.....

 ( Santa Pod was a WW 2 air base for RAF & USAFF bomber squadrons )

The awards were presented and Brad collected his trophy for the runner up position in the Super Pro National Championship.
This was a fantastic team effort with everyone playing a part in Brad’s success, Brad thanked all the team for helping him achieve this award.


We also announced the teams  new  Six B Apparel shirts and The Pete Walters Car Design for 2016


Everyone loved the new look, they are all looking forward to wearing the new team colours.

Six B Apparel Shirts 2016


The New Pete Walters Car Design 2016


I would like to say a big thank you to all our sponsors, Lucas Oil both in the UK and the USA, Pentagon Corporate Fleet, D & S signs, Martin Williams Hull, Torq/HRX Race wear, our associates Pete Walters race design last but not least Six B Apparel in the USA.

We would like to thank all our sponsors and crew because without everyone’s support we couldn’t achieve this level of competition and success, thank you to everyone for being involved in this team

Our Sponsors

The season starts in just 6 weeks time and everyone is eagerly awaiting the season opener at the Festival of Power at Santa Pod.

We will be race ready and will endeavour to eclipse previous results :-

• 2014 3rd Place

• 2015 2nd Place

• 2016 ?????


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