Apira Springspeed Nationals 2017

We arrived at the track with a  level of anticipation, Brad has been the Apira ( Avon Park International Racing Association ) Super Pro Champion for the last 2 years , a great achievement but we are determined to make it 3 in a row !

The weather forecast was fine for the next 2 day’s but Bank Holiday Monday didn’t look too good so it could be an event where the qualifying points would be crucial.

In Q1 Brad got off to a great start with a 0.042 reaction time but Wayne got the dial in slightly wrong and had dialled 7.81 but Brad ran 7.799 and broke out by just over a hundredth of a second.

Q2 Brad very nearly got the perfect ET award but red lit by 0.001 ( 1 thousandths of a second ) but Wayne’s dial in was 7.75 and Brad ran 7.77 good enough for No 1 for a while until Chri Parker in the other  Nick Good Motorsport car  took it at the end of the session.

Q3 Brad cut another great light at 0.065 but once again Wayne got it slightly wrong dialling 7.76 and Brad running a 7.755 breakout by 5 thousands of a second, this dropped Brad to 4th.

Q4 Brad cut another great light 0.025 reaction time but Wayne’s dial in of 7.75 and running 7.79 didn’t improve our position.

Q5 Brad’s reaction was 0.102 but Wayne stuck with the 7.75 because the track appeared to improve but we ran 7.79 again so no improvement.

Q6 Wayne was convinced the data showed the car would run a 7.78, Wayne dialled 7.78, Brad cut another great 0.072 light but Chris Parker in the sister car ran 7.80, Wayne changed Brad’s dial to 7.80, big mistake ! the car ran 7.788 which would have put us second to Scott Hauser, however 4th was still a great result especially as this put Brad on the bye run side of the ladder, if Brad won a couple of rounds we would have a bye run into the semi finals, with hindsight ( a great thing ) Wayne tried a little too hard to get the number 1 spot over the event  but Wayne knew with the rain coming on Monday the extra points could be valuable in this championship.

We woke on Sunday to the predicted rain, this was a real shame, the crew had prepared a great track all weekend and had put on a great event, the rain was only light and stopped, the crew dried the track only for it to rain slightly and spoil the efforts of the track crew, this also happened on a second occasion but the crew continued to battle the weather and eventually  they were rewarded with a track we could race on at 4pm.

Brad still had his competitive edge beating Wayne 3-2 at connect 4 in the RV !

In elimination’s round 1 Brad cut another great 0.075 reaction time to take the win against Ron Bartlett, this unfortunately as far as we got, there is a noise curfew at 5pm on holiday Monday’s and unfortunately time ran out so that was the end of the meeting. This result means that Brad is still leading the UK championship and we look forward to the next event which is the Main Event at Santa Pod 26th – 29th May, the entry for Brad’s class is currently 40 of the very best Super Pro drivers from various European countries so this will be a great event !

 There is a lot of speculation that this could be the last year we race at Shakespeare County Raceway, it looks like a new town with 4000 houses and the full infrastructure are going to be built on this site, this will be a great shame, it is a great venue with a really hard working team, let’s hope the planners do not get there way !


Due to work commitments Brad was extremely busy at work so once home from work we headed for Santa Pod and arrived at the track at 1130pm, our fantastic crew and team mates had already prepared the pit area and also built Brad’s car for us, great teamwork thank you !

We rose at 6.15 to prepare the car for scrutineering at 7am and Brad went and signed on, the car passed tech and we went back to our pit to prepare the car for qualifying, we hadn’t had time to test the car prior to the event so we planned a “half pass ” to ensure that everything checked out ok.

Q1 the car launched well but a cold track with poor grip resulted in Brad being 7 tenths of a second off our dial in, other drivers had the same issues and we still ended up in 7th position from 18 cars.

Everything was fine on the car, we just had a little bit of oil going into the catch can, this is normal following and engine rebuild until the piston rings bed in.

Q2 saw 21 cars make the field and by the time Brad made his run we had slipped to 13th place, a good solid second run at 1 tenth of a second of dial in saw Brad back in 7th place from the 21 cars that qualified, that was is for today so 2 more runs and the first round of eliminations tomorrow.

Q3 didn’t see any improvement so our Q2 time still stood and we now dropped to 11th place, this was not an ideal place meaning if nothing changed we would be facing the No1 qualifier in the first round.

Q4 brought another car into the field, Brad’s Nick good Motorsport team mate Chris Parker went to No1 with a time 3 thousandths of a second off his dial in, we had tried a little bit too hard, we dialled a time of 7.83 and ran 7.824 breaking out by 6 thousands of a second leaving Brad in 12th place and facing our team mate Chris Parker in round 1.

This is always a difficult situation for the team, we always prepare the cars identically and we also share a huge amount of data between the 2 cars, it was going to be an interesting 1st round, Chris has the No 1 on his car as the reigning Super Pro champion, Brad would need to be at the very top of his game.
As you would expect from these 2 high calibre contenders it was a very close race with Brad taking the win by 2 hundredths of a second.
Because Brad had beaten the No1 qualifier Brad had a bye run in round 2 so we were pleased to have an easy but well earned bye run.

Round 3 of eliminations Brad was drawn against an extremely competitive Gordon Northway who had been running bang on his times all weekend, once again Brad needed a flawless performance if he was to take the win, Brad cut an 0.0414 light to Gordon’s 0.0793 so it was going to be close, Brad ran a 7.862 0n a 7.85 dial in to Gordon’s 8.521 on a 8.51 dial in, giving Brad the victory by 3 hundredths of a second.
In the semi final Brad again ran very close to his dial in and beat Alan Didwell to see Brad in the final of the first meeting of the year, facing a strong contender from the Netherlands , John Gerritsen in a brand new 55 Chevy running in the 6 second bracket.

In the final Brad cut a great 0.071 light to John’s .165 so Brad had the lead, but with a car almost 2 seconds quicker than Brad’s it would be all on the dial in’s !

Used with the kind permission of the original photographer Ian Blackett @ www.ianblackett.co.uk

Both car’s broke out but Brad’s was the larger breakout at  just over 2 hundredths of a second to John’s 2 thousandths  of a second, giving the victory to the Dutchman, his journey back to Holland would be a far happier long drive !
Well done to John and a fantastic job of driving a car that was out of shape, he pulled his parachutes to keep the car straight and kept his foot on the gas to pip Brad at the stripe, great piece of driving and a well deserved victory.

We had a great first meeting and bagged a valuable haul of championship points finishing the weekend as the runner up, we do it all again in 2 weeks time at Shakespeare County Raceway where Brad is the current APIRA Super Pro Champion and is looking forward to defend his title, it is also Brad’s 21st Birthday that weekend so let’s hope it will be a very Happy Birthday !

Aaron Fensome
New Lucas Oil Driver

It was great to see the new Lucas Oil backed driver Aaron Fensome take the runner up spot in the Lucas Oil Junior Dragster Championship, Aaron felt great in the car in his new bespoke HRX suit from  www.racewearonline.com

I would like to say a big thank you to all our sponsors, Lucas Oil both in the UK and the USA, Pentagon Corporate Fleet, D & S signs, Martin Williams Hull, HRX ,Racewearonline,  our associates Pete Walters race design last but not least Six B Apparel in the USA.

We would like to thank all our sponsors and crew because without everyone’s support we couldn’t achieve this level of competition and success, thank you to everyone for being involved in this team

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