• Brad Jackson
    UK National Super Pro Champion 2018

    Brad collecting his trophy at the Santa Pod Racers Club awards evening.

    Brad won both the Super Pro UK National Championship and the Santa Pod Racers Club Super Pro Championship.

  • Brad Jackson
    UK National Super Pro Champion 2019

    Brad  is the UK National Super Pro Champion for the second consecutive year!

    Brad won both the Super Pro UK National Championship and the Santa Pod Racers Club Super Pro Championship.

Brad : UK National Super Pro Champion for two consecutive years!

The whole team are ecstatic, in the 6 years Brad has raced in Super Pro he has finished, 5th, 3rd , 2nd twice and won the championship twice, a fantastic record in the fastest and most competitive bracket class in Europe!

UK National Super Pro Champion 2018 & 2019

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We headed to Santa Pod for the final meeting of the year, Brad had a healthy lead of 410 points but the championship realistically was between Brad and the team Time is Money car driven by Tom and John Atkinson.

Tom had a great meeting at the European finals taking the win after Brad’s throttle cable body broke on the line thus putting their team in contention for the title, they needed to out qualify Brad and hope that Brad went out in the first round and if they took the event win they would overtake Brad and win the National title, Tom’s father John is the driver for this weekend.

We decided to test the car on the Friday just to make sure that everything was working correctly with the car after the new cable had been fitted, Brad completed a test run with a promising 0.027 reaction time and eased to a 171 mph safe quarter mile, with Brad’s first reaction time of the day being a good one we knew Brad was ready for the weekend.

Saturday was a beautiful sunny day and the weather looked set for the day, qualifying could be crucial because the weather forecast for the UK on raceday was torrential rain due the latter end of the hurricane Dorian coming from the USA and the Bahamas.

Q1 Brad had a 0.088 reaction time and ran 7.72 on a 7.66 dial in, the track was still a little bit cool but 6 hundredths of a second over dial in was good enough for 3rd at the end of the session with John qualifying 5th.

Q2 3 hours later the sun had heated the track and the Pro Mods had laid some rubber on the track we knew the car would be in good shape for this run, Wayne chose a dial in of 7.67, Brad pulled a 0.023 reaction time and ran 7.6794, 9 thousandths of a second over dial in put Brad into 2nd place with John keeping the pressure on by moving up to 4th.

Q3, the final qualifying session of the day, Wayne thought the car would run slightly quicker and dialled 7.66, the car was amazingly consistent and ran another 7.6792, 2 – 10 thousandths of a second quicker than the previous run.

Sunday Eliminations Day

We woke on Sunday morning to find it had been raining through the night, the Santa Pod track crew dried the track and we went to the first round of eliminations. John was in front of Brad and John faced Dave Russell, Dave had a better reaction time than John and took the win, so that was it,

Brad was the UK National Super Pro Champion for the second consecutive year!

The whole team are ecstatic, in the 6 years Brad has raced in Super Pro he has finished, 5th, 3rd , 2nd twice and won the championship twice, a fantastic record in the fastest and most competitive bracket class in Europe!

Brad and Wayne would like to thank all the crew, Nick Good, Cristiaan Carlo, Dave Catton, Ian Baker and Neil Baker whose help and dedication to support Brad helped greatly in Brad achieving this result!

Brad and Wayne would also like to thank all our loyal sponsors, without their support we could not continue to compete with this front running professional team, many thanks to, Lucas Oil UK, The Plytek Group, The Taxi Shop, Martin Williams (Hull) Ltd, D&S signs, and Racewearonline.com

Brad has now resigned from his daytime job and is taking some time out to explore the World, he sets off to Japan next month, with further flights booked for Australia and New Zealand, it is unlikely Brad will be in the UK to collect his Champion’s trophy at the Santa Pod Racers club presentation on the 1st February 2020, but Wayne and all the team will be there, providing we raise the funds for the 2020 season Brad should be back for the 1st meeting , The Festival of Power at Easter.
Many thanks to all our supporters, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and we will hopefully be on the start line at Easter 2020 !

Brad Wins Summer Nationals !!

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Summer Nationals 22nd – 23rd June 2019

Santa Pod

We arrived at Santa Pod late on Friday night so missed scrutineering so had to be up early Saturday morning to get the car scrutineered before the event started, we woke up to a beautiful day and Brad was looking forward to this race weekend.

With only 3 qualifying runs on Saturday  it was imperative to qualify well, qualifying one we dialled a safe 7.67 and ran 7.72, 5 hundredths of a second over dial in left Brad in 9th from 23.

Q2, we dialled 7.68 and ran a 7.677, we broke out by just under 3 thousandths of a second (0.0021) and Brad dropped to 14th place.

Q3 we dialled a 7.64, this was a strategic dial just to improve on the 500th’s position, the plans all went wrong when Brad had a massive slide at half track and scrubbed too much speed off collecting the car, this left Brad in 16th place from 25 drivers, Brad’s worst qualifying position for a very long time, however Brad was confident that once we got into eliminations we would recover this position.

Sunday morning brought cooler temperatures and a dull cloudy sky but the weather did improve throughout the day.

Eliminations 1 Brad faced Peter Walters, Pete has had a torrid time with minor gremlins in his car but he was running well at this meeting, Pete had a slight edge on Brad off the line but Brad was closer to the dial in and Brad took the win by 0.019 of a second.

Eliminations 2 Brad faces Laura Turburville Brad’s friend from the Junior Dragster days, infact Brad and Laura both ran their very first runs together 10 years ago

Brad pulled a 0.01 reaction time to Laura’s 0.06 and had the edge but Laura went too fast and broke out by 0.015, Brad ran 7.69 0n his 7.67 dial and took the win.

Eliminations 3 Brad was racing against Dave Evans, Dave‘s reaction time of 0.111 was too slow to an in form Brad whose 0.02 reaction time gave him the edge and Brad took the quarter final win.

In the semi Final Brad faced Bob Doyle, Bob was better of the line with a 0.022 reaction to Brad’s 0.038 reaction but Brad was much closer to his dial in, 7.67 dial and ran 7.70  and Brad took the win and was now in the final !

In the final Brad was racing against Dave Fulton, Dave was having a good day and was 2nd to Brad in the points championship, if Dave took the win Dave would be just 200 points behind Brad in the championship, if Brad took the win Brad would have a substantial lead of 510 points in the championship which would help Brad in his quest to retain his title again this year!


They both left the line with almost the same reaction time, Dave had the edge with a 0.052 to Brad’s 0.056, Dave ran too quick with a breakout 8.93 on a 8.99 dial, however Brad would have been hard to beat with Brad having a 7.68 time on a 7.67 dial, so Brad took the Summer Nationals win!

Brad is having a great year, his lowest position this year has been the quarter finals so Brad has a healthy points lead in the championship, the points have to be ratified yet but Wayne makes them to be;-

Brad would like to thank Nick and Cristiann for delivering a great race car yet again, Dave Catton for his tow car driving skills and crew help

We now have a summer break until the European Finals meeting at Santa Pod in early September, we  cannot wait!

Brad wouldn’t be in this position, without the continued Support of all our sponsors  , to whom we are very grateful

Main Event Santa Pod 2019

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FIA / FIM Main Event Santa Pod Raceway 24th – 27th May 2019

We headed to Santa Pod on Thursday to set the pit up and prepare the cars and pit for the 4 day FIA/FIM meeting with over 270 drivers and riders for this prestigious event.

Brad is currently in second place in the UK Championship and was looking to score heavily at this event to keep his sights on the 2019 title, hopeful of retaining the no 1 on the car at the end of the season, a tall order at this event with 45 competitors in Brad’s class with many from various European countries, male and female, and a sport where women compete with men on a true equal footing!

Friday morning was a beautiful day with great weather forecast all day, there were 45 drivers qualifying for a 32 car field so the pressure was on to get in the show, Brad’s first run we dialled a 7.64 and Brad ran a 7.67, 3 hundredths of a second over dial was good enough for 8th place so safely in the field.

Brad’s second run we dialled the same 7.64 and ran 7.66, an improvement to 2 hundredths of a second over his dial in, other drivers had improved and Brad actually dropped a place to 9th.

Brad’s 3rd run he left the dial at 7.64 confident that the sun heating the track would bring the time he was looking for and actually ran 7.647, 7 thousandths of a second over dial, once again others improved so Brad had dropped to 15th but this time put him back up to 8th place!

Brad reported hearing a noise from the back of the car, Nick and Cristiann had a look at the car and decided it could be damage in the rear axle so stripped the axle to find that the crown wheel and pinion had stripped 3 teeth and most of the other gear teeth had cracked, this was a terminal problem and it looked like the end of Brad’s meeting.

Geof and Scott Hauser, fellow competitors in the class heard of Brad’s demise and offered to open their nearby race car workshop, www.hauserracing.com and rebuild the diff, we gratefully accepted their offer and Scott returned the diff back at 1030 at night and Nick and Cristiann burnt the midnight oil and put the car back together.

We cannot thank Geof and Scott enough, what a true act of sportsmanship to repair a competitor’s car!

Brad had 3 further qualifying runs but he couldn’t improve on his 0.007 time, this was good enough for 11th place, incredibly 17 competitors were under 1 hundredth of a second, 17th place being 0.009! The 32nd place bump spot was 1 tenth of a second!

The race ladder for round 1 of eliminations brought the surprise that Brad ( currently 2nd in the championship ) would face multiple Junior Dragster champion Joe Kellett who is leading the championship !

In round 1 of eliminations Brad’s 0.04 light to Joe’s 0.07 light gave Brad the advantage and he took the win.

In round 2 Brad faced Mark Bailey; Brad pulled a 0.06 light to Marks very uncharacteristic 0.2 light gave Brad an easy advantage to take the win.

In round 3 ( quarter finals ) Brad faced Callum Swinchatt and ex Junior Dragster driver, Brad and Callum haven’t raced each other for a few years, Brad pulled another great light, 0.05 to Callum’s 0.09 reaction time helping Brad to the win and now he moves into the semi finals.

n the semi Finals Brad faced Dan Giles, Brad knew he would have to be on his game to beat Dan and pulled and impressive 0.03 light, but Dan pulled an 0.02 light, Brad dialled a 7.69 and ran 7.71, 2 hundredths over dial in but Dan took the win with a 7.418 on a 7.40 dial giving Dan the victory by just under 2 hundredths of a second, on the track (at 170 + mph) a distance of 1.38 metres!

So Brad was out but he had a great event getting to the last 4 of 45 drivers, and the great points haul means that Brad now leads the championship, these points have to be ratified

Brad would like to thank, Geof and Scott for their generous help.

Nick and Cristiann for repairing and giving Brad a great race car.

Dave Catton, Tow car driver extraordinaire and all round good egg !

We couldn’t race without their generous support of  all our sponsors.

Thank you !!

The 2019 Season Begins !

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We head to Santa Pod this holiday weekend for the Festival of Power at Santa Pod Raceway.This 3 day meeting is the first round of the UK National drag racing championship.

Brads engine has been rebuilt in preparation for this seasons competition, the weather forecast looks great so the whole team is looking forward to a promising Easter Weekend.

Qualifying on Friday and Saturday and eliminations on Sunday.

If you want to watch the action the link to the tv coverage can be found on eurodragster.com look for event coverage and then the F of P , click on the link for tv coverage.

Brad and Wayne are looking forward to racing the car this year with the coveted number one on the car!

The team would like to thank our loyal sponsors, Lucas Oil UK, The Taxi Shop, Martin Williams Hull, Racewearonline.com, D&S Signs, Nick Good motorsport.

We also have a returning sponsor back on board.The Plytek Group, welcome back!

We will have live feed updates on Facebook and Twitter which can be viewed on the homepage of this website.

A race report will be sent to all our followers after the weekend.

Wayne and Brad would like to thank all of our friends and supporters , We couldn’t do this without your fantastic support!

Thank you to all our sponsors and followers for your continued support throughout 2019.

National Super Pro Champion 2018

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UK National Finals Weekend 6th-7th October 2018 Santa Pod Raceway Brad Jackson wins the UK National Super Pro Championship

Brad and Wayne drove to Santa Pod when Brad had finished work on Thursday evening and arrived at Santa Pod at 11pm, the plan was to have a lie in so we could relax before the crew arrived to set up the pits.

Once we set up the pits and prepared the cars we went and got Brad’s car scrutineered without any drama’s, Brad had a relaxing day and was relishing the challenge of the weekend, Brad was leading the championship but only by 160 points and mathematically anyone down to 6th place could win the championship, qualifying points would be a factor in the championship, this is our 5th year in Super Pro and Brad has been in contention every year finishing  2nd, 3rd, 5th, 2nd, and finally winning the championship this year !

Saturday brought light rain but it was enough to prevent any racing and eventually the day was abandoned, this brought a new twist to the weekend because nobody had any qualifying points so this championship looked like it could go down to the wire! Brad just had to stay in front of his rivals, Paul Przybyl, Scott Hauser, Nick Good, Joe Kellett and Laura Turboville.

The rules went to emergency qualifying which is names drawn out of a hat, we drew Paul Przybyl who was 2nd in the championship, Paul was having difficulty getting his car to the track due to a gearbox failure on his truck and the qualifying ladder showed Brad to have a bye against Paul, what a cruel blow to such a nice family team.

We then heard that the ladder had been revised and we now were drawn against Dave Fulton, an unknown racer to us because he usually raced in the Super Gas class, this was going to be an interesting start to the day!

In eliminations 1 Brad pulled a 0.05 (5 hundredths of a second) reaction time and Dave pulled a very slow 0.2 ( 2 tenths of a second) reaction time, in Super pro you need a better reaction time than this to have any chance of a win and Brad took the victory.

The rivals had a bad day, Scott Hauser and Nick Good both fouled with red lights, Paul didn’t make the field, Joe and Laura went through to the next round.

Eliminations 2 Brad was paired against Elodie Dubois from France, Elodie is an ex junior dragster driver and was now driving a very competitive dragster, both drivers pulled almost identical reaction times and Brad had a real tough race on his hands, both drivers ran too quick and broke out (fouled) but Brad had the lesser breakout of 400 hundredths of a second to Elodie’s 12 hundredths of a second and Brad took the win.

Laura lost her race to Billy Gane , both drivers were bang on their dial in, Laura ran 7.982 on a 7.98 dial in and Billy ran 8.475 on a 8.47 dial in, the closest race of the day, Billy’s better reaction time gave him the victory, this just left Joe Kellett with a chance to overhaul Brad for the championship, Joe and Brad have raced each other for the last 9 years in both Junior Dragster and Super Pro, this was now becoming a real nail biter, Brad stayed his usual cool self whilst Wayne was anything but !

Eliminations 3 Brad was 370 points in front of Joe with 400 points available, if Brad lost this race Joe could win the title by going all the way to the final and winning the event! Billy Gane had a bye, Joe was against Brian Pateman a multiple Super Pro and Super Gas champion and Brad had a really tough competitor in Dan Giles, Brad remained calm and pulled an 0.04 light to Dan’s 0.06 light so Brad had a slight advantage, Brad was 0.0685 over his index and Dan was 0.0689 over his index giving Brad the narrowest win and the championship! Joe red lit (fouled) in his race.

Elimination 4 Brad was against Billy Gane, Brad made an extremely rare error and red lit by 2 hundredths of a second so was out, Wayne thinks the adrenaline from winning the championship was a factor in Brad’s red light.

Billy Gane faced Brian Pateman in the final and Billy took the win, the points giving Billy 4th place in the European series.

So Brad finally did it, Brad has had many successes in his career but winning the UK national championship in what is regarded as the most competive class in Europe is the pinnacle of his career to date, with this championship Brad is also the Santa Pod Racers Club Super Pro Championship winner, Brad has had a really strong finish to the year being runner up at the Summer nationals, winning the European Finals meeting and getting to the Semi Finals at the National finals meeting! What a year!

The journey with Brad started 9 years ago, 4 years in Junior Dragster and this is our 5th year in Super Pro, we have many people to thank who have help us along the way, Lucas Oil USA, Lucas Oil UK, Tom Bognor, Les Downey, Geof Hauser, Peter Scriven, Nick Good, Cristiann Carlo, Trevor Reeve, Dawn Torr, Keith West, Simon & Scott Bailey, Nick Williams and Rob Breuilly, without your help and support we couldn’t have achieved what Brad has achieved, and finally to my gorgeous wife Alison who has supported me and Brad through both of our racing careers! Many thanks to you all !

Brad is dedicating his win to our very close friend Roger Jewitt who is in St Leonards Hospice in York; Roger was extremely pleased with Brad’s win and the dedication to him gesture.

Wayne and Brad would like to thank all of our friends and supporters; we couldn’t do this without your fantastic support!

Super Pro Championship 2018 Meeting Decider

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UK National Finals Super Pro Championship

Santa Pod 6th – 7th October 2018

Meeting Decider

Brad Jackson Racing head to Santa Pod for the final meeting of the year, it will be a very interesting final meeting with 3 drivers realistically fighting to be the champion.

Brad is having a strong finish to the season in the last 2 events Brad was runner up at the Summer Nationals and won the European Finals Meeting, these results have put Brad in a great position leading the UK National championship

Brad Jackson Racing head to Santa Pod for the final meeting of the year, it will be a very interesting final meeting with 3 drivers realistically fighting to be the champion.

Brad is having a strong finish to the season in the last 2 events Brad was runner up at the Summer Nationals and won the European Finals Meeting, these results have put Brad in a great position leading the UK National championship

The mathematical outcome will be decided by the following;-

Brad is leading the championship by 160 points, this means that Brad will have to qualify well and go 2 rounds further than Paul Przybyl to secure the title.

Paul will have to qualify above Brad and win the event to take the title.

Scott Hauser is a further 80 points behind Paul so Scott will have to go 3 rounds further than Brad or Paul and qualify better than either of them to take the title.

European Finals Win 2018

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European Finals Meeting 6th – 9th September 2018 Santa Pod Raceway

On Tuesday evening we headed for Santa Pod so we could have an early start on Wednesday morning to set up our pits because we had a 3 car Nick Good Motorsport team at the event.
Wednesday we set up the pits and built the car up and took it for scrutineering, which it passed as usual, Nick and Cristiann always prepare Brad’s car to the highest standard.


First qualifying run Brad pulled a 0.07 reaction time and we were 7 hundredths of a second off our dial and this left us in 8th place which was a good solid start to the day.
Q2 Brad pulled a 0.04 reaction time but Brad struggled for grip and ran a slightly better time but others had improved and this left Brad in 14th place.
Q3 Brad pulled a 0.08 reaction time but once again struggled for grip, got too much wheel spin and we dropped to 18th place, which was the end of the first day’s qualifying.
Thursday morning we went out for Q4, Brad pulled a 0.06 reaction but once again no grip, we decided to change the set up on the car and looked forward to Q5 because we had now dropped to 21st.
Q5 Brad pulled a 0.07 reaction and this time the car worked fine and Brad’s improvement with 2 hundredths of a second over dial improved him to 17th, in fact the first 11 places now were inside 9 thousandths of a second !
Q6 Brad pulled a 0.05 reaction and a 1 hundredths of a second over dial got Brad up to 14th place from 29 drivers, a great recovery from the grip issues we had been having, Brad had been very consistent over the 2 days with his reaction times and we now had a car we felt confident with again and looked forward to eliminations.

Saturday brought round 1 of eliminations and we were racing Mathijs Kraetzer from the Netherlands in a very competitive altered, Mathijs had obviously seen how good Brad’s reaction times had been and got a little too eager trying to get a good reaction time and pulled a 0.04 red light foul and gifted the win to Brad

Sunday’s round 2 of eliminations Brad was paired against Billy Gane, Billy had been really on it all weekend and was only a couple of thousandths of his dial all weekend, Brad pulled an amazing 0.005 (5 thousandths ) of a second against Billy’s creditable 7 hundredths of a second dial this gave Brad the hole shot win.

Round 3 Brad was paired against John Pryzbyl, another ex Junior Dragster driver and championship rival to Brad, John’s 0.112 reaction was no match to Brad’s 0.018 reaction and once again Brad’s great reaction time gave him the advantage and Brad took the win and was now in the semi final.

In the semi final Brad faced the seasoned campaigner Tom Atkinson who was having a good weekend, Tom pulled a 0.118 reaction time and Brad who was on fire this weekend with his super consistent reaction times pulled a 0.028 and took the hole shot win.

In the final Brad faced Mark Bailey, Mark has just moved into the class stepping up from Pro ET and was having a great weekend, Mark got a little bit too hungry and red lit, so fouled giving the victory to Brad. Brad has now won the European Finals twice in the last 3 years, he is also having a great end to the season, at the last meeting he was runner up ( Summer National) and winning this meeting shows that he is at the very top of his form, with only 1 more round to go Brad is now leading the championship.

Brad’s girlfriend, Liz, was with Brad all weekend and helped I think this helped him not to get too nervous about everything going on around him, as usual Brad was super cool with everything, the most laidback guy in our family !
The points at the top are extremely close and the National Finals meeting in October will be a real nail biter with any one of the top six in with a real chance of winning the championship!

These results are not official and need to be ratified but I make the top ten to be;-

We are eagerly awaiting the National Finals!
Many Thanks to all our sponsors and supporters
We cannot do this without you!

European Finals at Santa Pod 2018

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European Finals at Santa Pod

Queuing up for scrutineering for the European Finals at Santa Pod, 6th to 9th September

On Thursday and Friday , We have 2 full days of qualifying

Eliminations start on Saturday .



Summer Nationals 2018

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Summer Nationals 2018

Santa Pod Raceway 30th June- 1st July

We arrived at Santa Pod with a high expectations of a brilliant weekend, the weather was absolutely fantastic and no rain whatsoever in the forecast.

This was just a weekend meeting so we had only 3 scheduled qualifying runs on Saturday and the straight into eliminations on Sunday.

Wayne looked at the data and his weather station and though the car should run 7.76 but the new track looked in great shape and with the heat from the glorious sunshine we dialled a 7.72, we have been having trouble getting the car dialled into the new track and the car was pulling left in both lanes, Brad left with a good start reaction time of 0.06 but the car ran arrow straight and a very quick 7.66 at 174mph ! so we broke out.

This left Brad in 20th place, not where we wanted to be, after much deliberation the crew decided the car should have a dial in of 7.62, all the calculations were correct and Brad ran 7.622, 2 thousandths of a second over dial in and put him in the number one spot with 1 session to go, taking this place away from team mate Nick Good, which Nick dropped to 2nd.

This looked promising especially when Brad’s arch rival Scott Hauser in an uncharacteristic 21st place, the advantage of being number 1 qualifier was a bye run in the first round of eliminations, Scott was the last car to go in the final qualifying session and dialled 7.56 and ran 7.5602, two 10 thousandths of a second over dialling and took the number 1 spot from Brad !

Sunday brought another glorious day and we had to use the umbrella for the sun which makes a great change from using it for the rain!

Round 1 of eliminations we faced the extremely talented Brian Pateman, Super Comp champion 3 times and 13 event wins to his credit, unfortunately Brian went a little too early and red lit by 1 hundredth of a second gifting the win to Brad, Brad had a 0.04 light and 4 hundredths off the dial proved that Brad was really on top of his game.

Round 2 we faced Rene Jaspert from Germany, a car and driver having their first visit to Santa Pod, Brad pulled a 0.04 light but Rene went slightly better with a 0.03 light but by the time they reached the quarter mile Brad had overcome Rene with a time of 7.63 on a 7.62 dial, unfortunately Rene had a technical issue at the stripe and the car turned hard right into the wall at around 150mph suffering heavy damage to the car but all the safety equipment worked and Rene didn’t have any problems apart from a heavily damaged car, Brad had already overtaken Rene and wasn’t aware of the drama behind him.

In round 3 Brad faced his old rival from Junior Dragster days, Joe Kellet, Brad pulled an 0.02 reaction time to Joe’s ) 0.07 and took the win, this was a really good round to win because Brad now had a bye run in the semi finals.

In the semi final Brad still had to do a full pass to try and get lane choice, Brad had a reaction time of 0.01 and ran 7.63 on a 7.61 dial and this gave him lane choice in the final, the other semi was between Scott Hauser and John Pryzbal, also both ex Junior Dragster drivers too, Scott won the semi, John red lit and gifted the win to Scott.

In the final Brad pulled a 0.001 reaction time and this gave him the advantage over Scott’s  0.07 reaction, Brad had the race in the bag when unfortunately he misjudged the race at the stripe , the car ran a personal best of 7.604 and  personal fastest MPH of 176 mph, Brad broke out and this gave the win to Scott, Scott was the perfect gentleman as always and pulled Brad onto the number 1 step on the podium to share the celebration.

We had a fantastic weekend, runner up spot gave Brad lots of points and this puts us back near the top of the leader board and gives Brad a great shot at the title, we eagerly await the European Finals at the beginning of September, we will now have a rest over the summer break.

The points have yet to be ratified but I make it;-

We would like to thank Nick and Cristiann for preparing Brad a great car, Dave Catton for his help as part of the crew for the weekend and a big thank you to all our sponsors for supporting Brad, we wouldn’t be racing without all of your help !!!!!!!

Santa Pod Main Event 2018

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Santa Pod Main Event 2018

25th May –  28th May

We head to Santa Pod in the morning to get set up for a great weekend in prospect at Santa Pod with an entry of the very best drivers in Europe, it is also our first run on the new £1 million pound track, the downside will be we cannot use our last 4 years of data so we are starting from scratch !

At least it will be the same for everyone and will make for an interesting, stressful and exciting weekend. Brad’s class has 45 drivers qualifying  to get into a 32 car field, at last year’s event 32nd place was 900 hundredths of a second , Brad was 25th on 500 hundredths of a second, 15th pace was 100 hundredths of a second !

The car is in great shape, Brad’s got a new look and we are excited at the prospect of good weather and some great competition

We will have a live facebook and twitter feed on the front page if you want to keep a check on Brad’s progress through the weekend.

We will send a newsletter after the event giving the a rundown of the 4 days of competition

With the new GDPR legislation coming into effect on the 25th May we wish to say that we do not hold any personal data except for an email address and your first and last name, if you do not wish to continue receiving the newsletters than please send us an email and we will erase you email address from our database. or you can choose  to  view  or edit  or  unsubscribe from the link in the lower part of any  Newsletter

We have also added a My Account Link to the web site

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