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Summer Nationals

Santa Pod 25th – 26th June 2017

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We were looking forward to the weekend, Nick and Cristiann had worked tirelessly trying to find a mystery intermittent glitch that had hampered Brad’s progress from time to time since the middle of last year. Nick was confident the issue had been found and fixed so we eagerly awaited the first run!

Brad and Wayne arrived at the track late on Friday night and the crew had set up the awning and put Brad’s car together, Brad and Wayne were up early on Saturday to get signed on and take the car to scrutineering for 7am.

The car passed tech as usual and Wayne prepared the car for the first round of qualifying at 0930, Wayne and Brad discussed the dial in and with an informed decision we chose to dial 7.77, this was a good start and the car ran 7.80 Brad pulled a 0.0666 light and this was good enough for 3rd place after Q1.


Now we had a dilemma, the track improved, had we fixed the car? We chose a 7.75 dial, brad pulled a 0.016 light and the car ran 7.80 so 500th’s of a second off the dial and Brad dropped to 5th.
The computer was telling Brad that the car would run quicker on the next run, so Brad and Wayne had a decision to make, did they choose the data and computer or did they choose what the car was telling them, 2 runs of 7.80 was very compelling, this was the last qualifier and by the time Brad was about to take the run Brad had dropped to 10th place. Brad and Wayne made the decision to trust the car feeling that the car was finally behaving, and we dialled 7.79 and the car ran 7.81 just 100th of a second slower than the first 2 runs and 200ths of a second over dial in, this moved Brad back up to 5th, Brad had pulled a 0.123 light so the crew were in a buoyant mood and looked forward to our first round of eliminations on Sunday morning.
In the first round of eliminations Brad was running against Tom Atkinson, Tom was currently 4th in the championship and Brad was currently 2nd so this was a pivotal championship race, Brad had qualified better and had lane choice and chose the right hand lane.

Brad and Wayne decided on a 7.79 dial in, Brad pulled a 0.084 light and ran a 7.793, 3 thousandths of a second over his dial in and took the win; the car was well and truly competitive!

In round 2 of eliminations Brad was against Chris Parker who was 6th in the standings and was last year’s Super Pro National Champion, Brad again had lane choice and chose the right lane to keep the consistency. Brad and Wayne decided on a 7.77 dial, Brad pulled another 0.089 light and ran 7.80 to take the win.

In the quarter finals Brad was racing an old junior dragster driver, Pete Walters, Pete is driving a blown alcohol car and a very keen competitor, Brad had lane choice and again chose the right lane.

We then had 2 hours down time with a shower and track drying.

Brad dialled 7.78 and Pete pulled a red light and fouled against Brad, Brad kept his cool and pulled a 0.059 light and ran 7.83 on a 7.78 dial, the car is running superbly consistent times!

In the semi finals Brad was drawn against his old Junior Dragster adversary Joe Kellett so this was going to be a great race.

High Speed Accident, Driver Taken to Hospital

Unfortunately there was a huge high speed accident, the driver was conscious and taken to hospital but the length of time to extricate him from the car and clear the track meant that we were not going to conclude the meeting because of the noise curfew, the meeting was called at that point.

So we had a great weekend with the gremlins sorted and we came away from the meeting still in 2nd place but with a much smaller point’s margin to the leader Scott Hauser.

The points have yet to be released but Wayne has unofficially worked them out as;-

Scott Hauser    1870

Brad Jackson    1840

John Przybyl    1680


So with a summer break we look forward to the next meeting in August, we are at Shakespeare County Raceway where Brad has won the championship for the last 2 years, Brad is looking forward to try and make it 3 in a row !

Have a great summer break!

Thanks to Nick Good, Cristiann Carlo, our tireless crew and to all our loyal sponsors. Lucas Oil both in the UK and the USA, Pentagon Corporate Fleet, D & S signs, Martin Williams Hull, HRX ,Racewearonline,  our associates Pete Walters race design last but not least Six B Apparel in the USA.

We would like to thank all our sponsors and crew because without everyone’s support we couldn’t achieve this level of competition and success, thank you to everyone for being involved in this team


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