Santa Pod Main Event 2018

Santa Pod Main Event 2018

25th May –  28th May

We head to Santa Pod in the morning to get set up for a great weekend in prospect at Santa Pod with an entry of the very best drivers in Europe, it is also our first run on the new £1 million pound track, the downside will be we cannot use our last 4 years of data so we are starting from scratch !

At least it will be the same for everyone and will make for an interesting, stressful and exciting weekend. Brad’s class has 45 drivers qualifying  to get into a 32 car field, at last year’s event 32nd place was 900 hundredths of a second , Brad was 25th on 500 hundredths of a second, 15th pace was 100 hundredths of a second !

The car is in great shape, Brad’s got a new look and we are excited at the prospect of good weather and some great competition

We will have a live facebook and twitter feed on the front page if you want to keep a check on Brad’s progress through the weekend.

We will send a newsletter after the event giving the a rundown of the 4 days of competition

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